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Doula Training Workshops & Services

Our training program consists of two separate courses, which may be taken individually or together:

Introductory Course for Doulas

This one-day Introductory Course is a childbirth education class designed specifically for the doula student and an introduction to becoming a Birth Doula.  Participant's in this class will gain thorough knowledge of pregnancy, the labor & birth process, and deepen and broaden their perspective of birth.  Attendance at this class satisfies DONA's childbirth education certification requirement. (See DONA’s certification page for alternatives to this requirement.) Click here for FAQs on the Childbirth Education Requirement for the Birth Doula Certification.

Doula Training Intensive Workshop

In this two-day workshop, participants learn about the Doula's role working with women and their partners during pregnancy and in each phase of the birthing process. Participants gain an in-depth understanding of the emotional, psychological and physical needs of a laboring woman.  During this workshop you will learn to:

Provide highly effective labor, breastfeeding and postpartum care & support

Support mothers and their partners in their choices and provide consistent physical and emotional care during their birthing experience

Provide continuous support and care when technology and/or medication become necessary

Conduct prenatal and postpartum visits with clients

Develop your own private Doula practice

Market and promote yourself as a Professional Doula

During the birthing process the Doula plays an invaluable and unique role as protector, supporter, advocate and general assistant.  Graduates of this program will be able to offer services in their community for assisting with births in a hospital, birth center, or at home.

This training often becomes the foundation upon which many childbirth professionals build their career.

Visit our Workshop Schedule page for upcoming workshops and enrollment options.


Interested in hosting a training workshop in your area?  Contact Janine at (530)798-3605 or E-Mail to find out what’s involved in sponsoring a DONA International Doula Training workshop.

For a complete list of certification requirements, click here.



For childbirth professionals looking for continuing education,

we also offer Advanced Doula workshops:

Advanced Doula Workshops

Labor Progress and Preventing Dystocia

It's estimated that at least 20% of all women develop problems during labor, making childbirth longer and more difficult for Mother & Baby.  In this workshop, you will learn the most common causes of abnormal and difficult labors, why they occur, how to help prevent them from occurring, and how to help manage problems when they do occur.  Topics include: Optimal Fetal Positioning; Abnormal Fetal Positioning; Fetopelvic Disproportion; Possible Medical Interventions; Prevention, Assessment and Management of Dystocia during labor and birth.

Breastfeeding Management for the Birth Professional

The breastfeeding relationship between Mother & Baby is one of the most important relationships of a lifetime.  In this workshop, you will learn techniques and skills to better support mothers and babies during this precious time of their lives.  Topics include:  Anatomy & physiology of the lactating breasts; Preventing problems with proper positioning & latch; Understanding infant feeding cues; Prenatal and mother/baby assessment; Identification and management of common breastfeeding problems; When to refer to a doctor and/or lactation specialist.

Prenatal & Labor Massage

Touch is one of our most useful tools when working with pregnant and laboring women.  Learn specific techniques and skills for this crucial hands-on work with your clients.  Topics include:  Benefits, contraindications and special considerations of prenatal massage; Tools of the trade; Massage techniques during pregnancy; Massage and active labor; Infant massage.

 ** Attendance at one of these workshops provides 3.75 CEU's through DONA International.  We sometimes offer 2 workshops in one day; each 4 hours long.

Doula Training Workshops

Sierra Childbirth Institute’s Mothering the Mother Birth Doula Training is a comprehensive program designed to train students in the Art of Childbirth Assisting. This training is a DONA International-approved course and is one step toward Birth Doula certification.