Sierra Childbirth Institute Janine Nugent-Providing pregnancy and birth services, as well as education and training for aspiring Doulas and Midwives

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Doula Training ~ Doula Services

At Sierra Childbirth Institute we provide pregnancy, birth and postpartum services, as well as education and training for aspiring Doulas and Midwives. Training workshops are offered in California and throughout the country. Doula services are provided to families in Nevada County, California. Counseling and Life Coaching is available either in person or through email, phone, or Skype.

Our services include private Childbirth Preparation Classes, Doula Training Workshops, Birth and Postpartum Doula Services, Counseling & Life Coaching Services, and mentor coaching for Doulas.  


Sierra Childbirth Institute is an organization dedicated to the belief that birth is a rite of passage which spans conception, pregnancy, intra-uterine life, birth and the initiation into parenting.

Contact Information:

Janine Maitri

Director & Trainer

(530) 798-3605


Janine Maitri, Founding Director of Sierra Childbirth Institute, is a DONA Certified Birth & Postpartum Doula, DONA Doula Trainer, Counselor, Life & Health Coach, Educator and Lecturer. She is founder of the Bay Area's Peninsula Birth Connection and past Director of The Birth Place Childbirth Center. Janine has been in the childbirth field since 1980 and has been training doulas since 1987. Her many years of experience as a Doula and teacher prepares students thoroughly for a career in the childbirth field.  When students leave Janine's workshops, they feel confident and eager to begin their work as a professional Doula.  Janine also provides Birth & Postpartum Doula services to families in her Nevada County community, as well as Counseling, Life & Health Coaching and Mentor Coaching services to Doulas around the country.